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About Us

El Chullo Peruvian Restaurant & Bar is a family-owned business founded in 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona. When we decided to open our restaurant, we always had in mind to offer traditional food with different recipes learned throughout our lives, as served at home.

What is "Chullo"?

"Chullo" is a peruvian ancestral garment symbol of the andean culture made to protect themselves from the extreme cold in the Andean high places. In these towns, they fulfill a purpose, which is to identify the characters of the andean population. Depending on the place where they are made, colors, figures, motives and shapes are in harmony with the traditions and local uses.

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2605 N 7th St, Phoenix, Az 85006
(602) 279-8425


Monday - Saturday | 11am-9pm
Sunday | 11am-8pm
Weekday "Happy Hour" | 3pm-7pm
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